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The Ultraslim Center Weight Loss Program
Conner Chiropractic now provides non-invasive painless lipolysis (fat-reduction) therapy in conjunction with the Ultraslim Center of Southern Colorado located within our clinic.

Raise your hand!  Do you want to lose some weight?

Whether you are looking to get rid of those really difficult areas that never respond to exercise or you are looking to kick start a more in depth diet program, no other technology on the market even comes close to what L.E.D. Red Light coupled with the Ultraslim Center Weight Loss Program can do.  Some people believe you can’t control where your body burns the fat, it’s going to disappear where it wants to disappear, and you and your body may not see eye to eye on where that is. Well, that’s not totally true. With our systems you can decide the specific areas where you want to lose the fat and slim the body or you can do a more comprehensive program to not only lose weight but detoxify, balance hormones and slow down that aging process!

There are several options available in the area, but we are the only center in Colorado to offer the Photonica Professional, a photonic energy L.E.D. Technology that does not actually touch the body. This technology is able to cover a larger area of your body in less time per session than any competitor’s. And, more effectively.

Our Ultraslim Center Weight Loss Program is designed to safely and quickly take the pounds off with a doctor-supervised plan that will make you wonder why you waited so long.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. Take a moment to schedule your consultation and see for yourself what Ultraslim Center of Southern Colorado can do for you!

Now call us!  We can help and consultations are free so it won’t cost you ANYTHING to come in and talk to us!

Please visit for a more complete overview of this service or call 719-597-5884.
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